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A few years ago a member of Holy Cross loaned me a set of DVD’s so I could watch a program called The Chosen. The DVD set comprised the first season of a planned seven season depiction of the life of Jesus.

One of my previous favorites when it comes to a film version of Jesus’ life, is Franco Zeffirelli’s  Jesus of Nazareth. Staying true to the Biblical story is important, in my mind, though I’m also open to some creative and artistic license being taken to “fill in the blanks” so-to-speak — that is, fleshing out the story with plot details and story lines not included in the Bible, as long as these do not contradict what is included in the biblical material.

When I started watching The Chosen I was quickly drawn in by the wonderful storytelling and tremendous acting. The character of Jesus is central, of course, but also very engaging are characters such as the 12 disciples, Mary Magdalene, and the Pharisee Nicodemus.

After finishing the first season on DVD I went on to watch the second season which was available on the production company’s website. After that I had to wait a long time before season three became available.

With the recent release of season three I decided I would first watch seasons one and two over again. I can honestly say I am enjoying the program just as much the second time around! I am also looking forward to when I will start watching the new material in season three.

The Chosen is a film version that hews very close to the story of Jesus in the Bible, while also presenting the lives of Jesus and his followers as very down-to-earth, relatable human beings. I find the show theologically sound, entertaining, and very inspirational.

I share this story from my own experience as an encouragement for others to check out the program for themselves. The first two seasons are available on Netflix if you happen to have the popular subscription service. And all three seasons can be viewed for free by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:

You can also access the free online site by simply Googling “where to watch The Chosen.

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Rich





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