Capital Campaign

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First and foremost a word of thanksgiving and gratitude for the wonderful response thus far to the capital campaign — our goal was set at $225,000 and to date we have received commitments totaling $200,536! From the start this has been an endeavor of stepping out in faith, trusting God to guide us along the way, whatever the response might be. And we are continuing in that same spirit as we now await any follow up commitments that may yet be turned in, as well as any gifts that may be given in response to a letter that will soon go out to friends and former members of Holy Cross.

Another step going forward is to share with you the following pertinent information:

1. Our financial secretary, Robert White, is the only person who has knowledge of the confidential financial information people have provided on their commitment forms. The only financial information Robert passes along is in the aggregate – i.e. total dollars committed over all, as well as total dollars designated to specific projects (so we can be sure designated gifts are applied to the projects so indicated).

2. To date the designations are as follows:

All campaign goals:                            $144,016

Flooring:                                             $16,820

Kitchen:                                              $23,820

Debt Reduction:                               $14,680

Social    Media    Consultant:          $1,200

3. A new bank account has been opened to keep all deposits and expenditures for Restoring + Renewing + Rejoicing separate from the regular operating budget.

4. Now is the time we encourage/invite people to begin giving for the capital campaign, whether it be on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. (Some gifts have, in fact, already been received — $16,620 thus far.)

5. PLEASE BE SURE TO CLEARLY DESIGNATE what is being given for Restoring + Renewing + Rejoicing in either of the following ways:

a. One check marked as “regular offering” and a separate check marked as  “capital campaign”

b. One check for both, but clearly marked on the envelope and check memo how much for regular offering and how much for capital campaign

Starting in January 2017 the offering envelopes themselves will have separate lines on the front to indicate what is for regular offering and what is for Restoring + Renewing + Rejoicing.

6. No money will be expended for any of the projects until a special congregational meeting is held to vote on a specific plan for how funds will be allocated.

Sincerely in Christ, Restoring + Renewing + Rejoicing Steering Committee —
Chris Cherry, Julie Clapp, Carl Graves, Mary Keating, Val Reid, Pastor Rich


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