Pastor Rich


Hello Again!

Another new day has dawned. Here in southern Maine it is chilly yet there is bright sunshine. It is good to see the sun. That in itself often helps in lifting spirits. For people of faith sunshine can naturally lead one’s thoughts to God, the creator of the world. A passage like Psalm 148 verse 3 uses the image of the sun in extolling God’s greatness and glory: “Praise God, sun and moon; praise God, all you shining stars.”

So many biblical passages speak to us words of comfort, guidance, and strength – all of which we need especially in difficult times. For my daily devotions I am currently using three resources, some or all of which may be familiar to you. One is called “Christ in Our Home” which is published by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America every quarter and placed on the pamphlet rack at church for people to use throughout the year. Another is called “From Suffering to Salvation” covering the current season of Lent. Both of these resources provide a daily Bible passage, a brief meditation, and a short prayer. The third resource I use regularly is “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young, with Scripture passages for each day of the year, along with a brief meditation that is written in the voice of Jesus himself.

Today’s reading from “Jesus Calling” starts: “Trust Me one day at a time.” Psalm 84:12 is also quoted: “O Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you.” Very on point at all times, and particularly in our current circumstances.  Trust may be more difficult to exercise when there is so much that is up in the air, so much that can push us toward fear and anxiety. But it is in a time like this that turning to God in trust and hope makes all the difference. We can join the sun, moon, and stars in giving God praise, confident that God hears our prayers and walks by our side each and every day.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Rich



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