Newsletter (The Crier)

The church newsletter is called The Crier and it is published monthly around the last week of each month (except for June and July – which is the Summer Crier). Please click on the link below for a PDF of The Crier. Thank you!

March 2018 Crier

February 2018 Crier

January 2018 Crier

December Crier 2017

November Crier 2017

September.October Crier 2017

August Crier 2017 Part I

Summer Crier 2017

May Crier 2017

April Crier 2017

March Crier 2017

February Crier 2017

January Crier 2016

December Crier 2016

November Crier 2016


September Crier 2016

August Crier 2016

Summer Crier 2016

May Crier 2016

April Crier 2016-1



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