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Because Easter was so early this year, this means that Pentecost is early as well - May 15th. At Holy Cross we also have Confirmation on that date. As our young people confirm and confess the faith into which they were baptized, let us all take time to reflect on what we believe and hold to be true.

In the Adult Forum on Sunday morning between services, we have been discussing this very concept, using the book Reclaiming the "L" Word&. by Kelly Fryer. Instead of watering down our beliefs, traditions, and what we stand for as Lutherans, she urges us to claim them, share them, and live according to them. She emphasizes the priesthood of all believers. It is not just the job of the Pastor or the AIM - thank goodness! We are all called, each and every one of us, to share the wonderful good news of God's grace and to welcome and love those who are in our midst.

As we rejoice with the Confirmation class of 2005, may we especially welcome and encourage these young people to be active participants in the family of Christians, who here at Holy Cross happen to be Lutheran. May they know God's grace and the abundance of his love. May they be welcomed and cared for by God's people.

Serving you in peace, love and joy, Karen

Monthly Article from a Council Member

Spring is finally here! Although there is still snow in my front yard, the days are definitely longer, the sun feels warmer each day, and the birds are back in full chorus.

As winter has lost its hold on us, I have finally had a chance to get out onto the roads of Kennebunk to get my running mileage in for my next race. I am currently training for the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington, Vermont in May. I have a 20-week training schedule that has been very difficult to adhere to this winter because of inclement weather and bad road conditions. With spring's arrival, I can get out and get back on schedule.

As I run my miles, I always start them slowly and with a prayer. I thank God for the many blessings in my life, the new day, my family, my health, and my job. I also ask for Gods forgiveness of my sins, and for His direction to help me make the right decisions in my life. I give thanks also for all of the answered prayers in my life. In the past I have prayed for a new job when I was facing unemployment, for the health of family members, the church and for guidance as I serve on the Council and other committees at Holy Cross. Finally, end with the Lord's Prayer and a loud and slightly breathless Amen.

God has truly answered many of my prayers. My father and uncle's health are two prayers that stand out. Each has returned to good health, and even though I know that they will face further medical problems, they have survived their immediate crises and are feeling much better. I have had many other answered prayers, especially ones that concern Holy Cross and my employment. I am truly thankful for these answered prayers.

Keep praying, God does not always answer prayers quickly or in the way that you necessarily want, but He does answer them.

Chris Cherry


Our congregation sometimes feels like two congregations, divided by each member's preference of Sunday worship service, and which rarely interact. The Evangelism Committee is proposing to have a quarterly "Mixer" to address this deficit, starting June 5, when the summer schedule begins. The idea is to invite those who attend the first service and who frequently stay for the bible study to remain till the second service starts, and for those who attend the second service to arrive 15 minutes early. All will meet in Luther Hall for a 15-minute "Mixer". Art Morrissette will MC, directing all with pencil in hand to find 10 people they don't know who fit the descriptions listed on a paper given them. A description might read "Find someone who likes the Beatles music." It'll be fun and, we hope, informative. The Mixer will be announced 3 successive weeks before the event, and will reoccur every quarter of the year.

Healing Service

A Healing Service is now being offered at 4:00 pm on the second Sunday of each month and I had the opportunity to attend in April. It is a quiet, informal, intimate service that lasted only about 45 minutes; but it was 45 minutes very well spent. Between the wonderfully selected hymns and Bible readings, there was plenty of prayer. There was also the opportunity to go up front during the prayer time for private prayer with Pastor and to be anointed with oil; but that isn't a requirement to attend the service. I would say a third of the people, including myself, chose not to do that. It was such a blessing to be able to sit in the sanctuary, listening to beautiful music and spend time just praying to God. I highly recommend that everyone take the time at least one month to come to church on a Sunday afternoon and experience this service. It truly is time well spent.

With God's blessings and peace, Julie Clapp


An idea that was born in the Worship Committee and that will now be taken over by Evangelism Committee has come to completion. An attractive blue folder that says "Welcome!" on the cover is now available in the Narthex for all guests and visitors. A big thank you to Rob and Carol Olson and to an anonymous donor for defraying the cost of the folders and to Carol for printing the business cards and inside information which was compiled by Karen. Also thanks to Jane King for designing the rack and to Fred Bancroft who made it. If you are a member of the congregation, we hope that you will look at the folders but not take them home with you - unless you intend to give them to someone as an invitation to learn more about the church. There is a limited supply and we hope to have them available for visitors or others who are interested in who we are. The inside information is easily updated. If you want to make changes or corrections, contact Karen or Carol Olson.


Amy Jeffers, who is majoring in theology and drama at Valparaiso, a Lutheran college in Indiana, and who summers in Maine, (she helped with VBC last year), has offered to do a mini drama workshop in July for anyone of any age who would be interested in performing liturgical drama. The commitment would be for one night a week (day to be determined) for three weeks, ending with a performance during Sunday service on July 31st. Amy is a member of Soul Purpose, a liturgical drama group that performs nationwide. Please let Karen know if this is something that you would be interested in doing.


The Board of Deacons has been preparing for some visits to those in the congregation who could benefit from visitation, especially those who are ill or shut-in. If you would like to request a visit or if you would like to serve as a Deacon, contact Karen.


The Young at Heart group at Holy Cross is for anyone age 55ish or older. Our next activity will be held on Monday, May 9th. We will meet for lunch at noon at the Kerryman in Saco. We will then have a private tour of the Saco Museum, including their latest exhibit by the Smithsonian on Barns. Carpool from the church at 11:30 or meet us at the Kerryman at noon. On June 10th we will be taking the mail boat around Casco Bay, leaving church at 8:45. Sign-up sheets are on the board in the Narthex.


On the third Sunday of the month from 3:00-4:00, this group goes to one of the residential facilities in the area to sing old favorite hymns and songs. We will be returning to the Atria on May 15th. Everyone is welcome to join us, whether to lead in singing or to sit with the folks from the facility, lending a smile and friendly greeting. We thank Ann Scott for accompanying us on the piano. In April we were also blessed to have Ellie Peterson join us on violin.

Flower Guild Notes

During the first meeting of the Flower Guild, we discussed the suggestion to include in each Sunday's flower bouquets colors coordinating with the liturgical color of the day. (This color is worn by the pastor - the vestments, and adorns the altar and chancel furnishings - the paraments). We thought it might, then, be appropriate to explain here which colors are used during the various times and events of the church year, and their symbolic significance.

White is used not only at Easter time, but also for Christmas, Epiphany, Holy Trinity, All Saints Day, the various festivals of Christ, (such as the Annunciation, the Baptism of our Lord, the Transfiguration, the Ascension, etc.), and should also be used if there is a church observation of Thanksgiving.  White is considered the color of light, gladness, purity, innocence, holiness, and Joy in Christ.

Bright red represents the fire of the Holy Spirit.  It is used for the Sundays of Pentecost and the Reformation, and at ordinations, church dedications and anniversaries, as well as for observances of the martyred Saints (such as St. Stephen).

Scarlet, a color deeper than bright red, is considered the color of blood, and can be used during Holy Week - Palm Sunday through Maundy Thursday.

Purple is the color of sorrow and penitence, and is primarily used during the season of Lent.  It can also be used during Advent, in anticipation of the coming of the King, if blue is not available, as purple is also the "royal" color.

Royal Blue is the preferred color for Advent, it represents not only the sky, heaven, heavenly love and truth; but also hope, which is the central theme throughout the Advent season.

Green, the color of growth, is used during the seasons of Epiphany and Pentecost.  Representative of vegetation and spring, it brings to mind the triumph of life over death, and encourages spiritual growth.

Gold may be used as an alternate color for Easter Sunday, seen as the "queen of all Christian festivals", and the most important day of the church year.

Black is the color of death, humility, and mourning.  Black may be used for Ash Wednesday.  (Altar areas are most properly left bare on Good Friday).

Information taken from Altar Guild Handbook, by S. Anita  Stauffer, and Signs & Symbols in Christian Art, by George Ferguson.



You may have seen the article about this group from St. Stephen Lutheran Church in Brooklyn, NY, in the March edition of The Lutheran. We have made arrangements for them to come to Holy Cross this summer, including performing a concert at church for the community on Friday night and enriching our worship on Sunday morning. They will also be going to Calumet to perform. They will be arriving at church later in the day on July 7th, doing the community concert on the evening of July 8th, performing at Calumet on July 9th, and joining us for worship on July 10th. A fundraiser will be held (details to be announced) and we will apply for Thrivent matching funds. Any money raised at the concert will also help defray expenses, with the balance going to the orchestra. We will be looking for people to house them Thursday, Friday and Saturday, including breakfast. We will also need some help with some simple meals at church and with publicity. If you are willing to do any of these things, there is a signup sheet in the Narthex or contact Karen.


Did you ever wonder who did all of the needlepoint on the cushions at the altar rail? Those cushions were the beginning of what has become the Monday Morning Needlework Group. Once the kneelers were completed, idle hands became busy again doing knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, quilting, and sewing. For many years these handwork projects turned into a semi-annual Holiday Fair, the last one held in 2001. There are presently about 15 members, some who still sew and some who just come for support and socialization. The group meets every Monday from 9:30 - 11:30 in Luther Hall. Birthdays are celebrated monthly as well as a Christmas luncheon. They collect 25 cents in dues which helps pay for coffee and cake. Members often go to lunch at a local restaurant after the meeting.

If you are wondering what the Monday Morning Needlework Group does with the money they have raised over the years and about their current project - well, glad you asked! Their on going project is the Holy Cross Grandmothers' Project. They make knitted, crocheted, fleece or flannel blankets, hats and sweaters for newborns and then buy onesies, jumpsuits, and socks, donating them to the visiting nurses for distribution to needy families. Over the years, many other worthy projects have benefited from the funds raised at the fairs. These include Calumet scholarships, chairs for Lord Street House and Luther Hall, at least three vacuum cleaners, a copy machine, Lutheran Books of Worship, water cooler for choir, paraments, items for the kitchen, pamphlet rack, stand for Guest Book, training events such as Logos, and Pastors discretionary fund. Their goal has been to assist with non-budgeted items.

New members are welcome at any time. You do not need to have sewing skills or nimble fingers. Your company and support is all that is necessary. Lunch is optional (buy your own). Hope to see some new faces!


Please join us on Sunday, June 5. We will be having hot dogs and all the trimmings. The food will be served in Luther Hall. This will all take place after the second service. Then on to lower Village Kennebunk ball field. We will have the field till 4 PM. Please bring your bats, balls & gloves. Please bring a blanket or chair to sit on. (On site is a port-a-potty & small playground.) See sign up sheet starting in May in the Narthex and directions to the field. Lets all have some fun for every one.
Church Life Committee

Vacation Bible Camp 2005

This year our theme is: " Serengeti Trek, Where kids are wild about God!"

Join us in the grasslands of Serengeti Trek! You'll enjoy Bible Point Crafts and exciting games, experience thrilling Bible stories, sample tasty snacks, and hear unforgettable music. Plus, you'll meet lots of new friends! The adventure is just around the corner. Plan on being there this summer!

There are a lot of opportunities for our Safari crew! We need crew leaders, crafts helpers, games coordinators, music leaders, snack makers, prop makers and many more helpers. If you think you might be interested, please contact Mary Keating or the church office.

Our Safari Adventure will begin on Monday, June 27th until Friday July 1st!
Watch for more information next month!

Tag sale to support Youth Group

A tag sale to support Youth Group activities will be held Saturday, May 7. Get a start on your Spring cleaning by contributing all those attic treasures. Funds will be used to finance a day trip to Boston. Bring items anytime the week prior to the sale and place them in the basement area of church. Please call Barbara Horner, Michele Noble or the church office with any questions.

 COOL School Update

May Theme - Year 1

Forgiveness - Zacchaeus & Jonah

Bible verse - Jonah 2:9b

"Salvation comes from the Lord."


Key Ideas: God's love changes people.

Jesus' gift of forgiveness is for everyone.


Bible background:

Jonah - Jonah chapters 1- 4

Zacchaeus - Luke 19:1 - 10


The last day of Sunday School for the 2004-2005 school year is May 29th.



Adult Forum Class

9:30 - 10:30 a.m. - Luther Hall

Reclaiming the "L" Word - Renewing the Church from Its Lutheran Core

This class will continue through April and May. Books are available but are not necessary to participate in the discussion. Karen Indorf will mediate the discussion.

Reclaiming the "L" Word is a book about renewing congregations by recognizing and living out the core teachings of the Lutheran faith. In the introduction, the author states:

"I hope that people of every denomination will find this book helpful as they wrestle with these important issues within their own traditions. But this little book is primarily written for those who call themselves Lutheran and, specifically, those who are members of ELCA congregations, and it is intended to help us answer central questions: Who are we? What DOES it mean to be a Lutheran today, anyway? And, why does it matter?"


It is critical for us, as a church, to be thinking together about what it means for us to say that we are God's people through Jesus . . . who also happen to be Lutheran. I hope that you will spark a lively conversation in your church about this question. I hope you will wrestle with these five guiding principles and disagree with them and even debate them in good old Martin Luther fashion. I hope they will spur you on to try to define in your own place, in your own time, what it means to be a Lutheran. I hope they will help you answer the question, "Just exactly who are we, anyway? And what IS it that God wants to be doing in us and through us?" Nothing else that matters much will happen until we do this. That much I am sure of. - from page 94.


There will be a meeting at noon on May 1st for all parents of children who will be in 1st-3rd grade next year. A simple lunch and childcare will be provided. We are exploring the possibility and interest in expanding Logos to this age group in the fall. Please join us - we very much want to have your input.


A real exciting event is going to take place this summer, here at Holy Cross. We are planning on doing a production of Godspell Junior in the Sanctuary. This show is specifically designed for small spaces and a cast from the ages of 8-18 to perform the show. We will be looking for singers, dancers, musicians, and anyone who wants to get involved with the production, costuming, set designs, etc. I think this will be a great opportunity for the youth to perform a musical at the church. Vickie Cherry and I are putting this together but we can use anyone's help. We hope to start rehearsals in late May, and do the performances in August. We need to know any work schedules so that we can work rehearsals accordingly. For more information you can contact me or the church office. Warren


Amy Jeffers, a Lutheran college student (Valpo) who summers in Maine and who assisted with VBC last year, is looking for some daytime work providing childcare during the month of July. If you wish to contact her, please speak with Karen.


Many of you know Carl Lude, a long time member of the congregation who has recently moved to the Veteran's Home in Scarborough. When he lived at home in Biddeford, Dot Bois was very faithful in driving him to church. Now that he is living at the Veteran's Home, Ann and Mike Scott have been trying to bring him. But because Mike teaches Sunday School and Ann is having surgery, they will not be able to continue to do this, at least not for now. If anyone else is able and willing to transport him for 2nd service, could you please contact Karen or leave a message at the church office. And thank you to Dot, Mike and Ann.


I have a very large, durable pressure treated wood ramp at my home that I will gladly give away to anyone in need, if you come and get it. It would need to be dismantled in sections. See Karen for further information.

A Mother's Love

There is no love, like a mother's love, no stronger bond on earth...
like the precious bond that comes from God, to a mother, when she gives birth.

A mother's love is forever strong, never changing for all time...
and when her children need her most, a mother's love will shine.

God bless these special mothers, God bless them every one...
for all the tears and heartache, and for the special work they've done.

When her days on earth are over, a mother's love lives on...
through many generations, with God's blessings on each one.

Be thankful for our mothers, for they love with a higher love...
from the power God has given, and the strength from up above.

by Jill Lemming

Those serving overseas in the Military:

If you have a family member serving in the military in Iraq, could you call the church office with their name and address? The Wednesday morning devotions group would like to send some notes of encouragement and support.

Thank You!

Larry and Connie Orme wish to extend their sincerest thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and cards received after the death of Larry's dad, Thomas W. Orme, on March 17.  It has been of great support to us and we are very appreciative of the wonderful family we have at Holy Cross.   We pray and give thanks for each of you daily.  Peace be with you all. 

Holy Cross Lutheran







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