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From the Pastor – I like the picture accompanying my Crier article this month (taken by Savy Kuch during one of the Stewardship Potlucks) because to me it conveys a sense of quiet contemplation of God’s Word. In the context in which the picture was taken it was but a brief moment, prior to reading a passage and then making a few comments. But as photos often do, it captures something of significance, something worth reflecting upon.

The season of Advent has arrived once again. What I hope for myself, and for you, over the course of the next four weeks, is the commitment to set aside times for reading, studying, and meditating upon Scripture. Along with times for prayer, worship, and serving others.

Advent is a season of waiting and anticipation. Not just in relation to Christmas parties, time off from work, getting together with family and friends, exchanging gifts and cards, making cookies, decorating, and so forth – as fun and meaningful as such things can be. Advent most fundamentally is about preparing to again welcome Jesus into the world, and into our hearts.

We live in a world that tends to move pretty fast. With all the technological advancements that have been made, and with more coming all the time, it can feel like there are few opportunities to slow down for a bit and catch our breath. The fast pace of things can, at times, be energizing and exciting. But it can also make us feel rushed, frazzled, and overwhelmed. And it can get in the way of hearing the still, soft voice of God.

God wants our attention, because there are important things we need to hear and take to heart. The message of Advent is of the One who is coming as Savior, Messiah, Lord, Redeemer. The One who is named Emmanuel – God with us. The One whose birth brings us hope and “great joy.”

In becoming human and living among us, Jesus revealed God’s very nature, of self-giving, self-sacrificial LOVE. A steadfast, never failing love, on which we can always depend and in which we can take great comfort. A love in which we can revel, and a love which we are called to share with others.

So what’s your plan this Advent? How will you make time and dedicate yourself to being in communion with God, through prayer, worship, service, and delving deeply into Scripture? It may not be easy, as lots of things vie for your time and attention. But I think its safe to say that pondering and reflecting upon the coming of Jesus anew into your life, will be well worth it.

Peace – Pastor Rich

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